Agriculture and Horticulture


On the whole the district is a fertile plain and has a long history of agriculture development . This fact is shown as according to census 1991 total 53.2 % personal are farmers and 26.0 % are Farmer labourers .

The total cultivated area in the district in year 1997-98 was 263010 hect in district in gross area of 333209 Hectare.

The agricultural year is divided into 3 parts named after 3 harvests as Kharif , Rabi and Zaid. Kharif crops are sown in June-July and reaped in Sept-Oct. Rabi sown in Oct-Nov and harvested in mar-Apr. Zaid in may-June.

Year Total Area Area under Rabi   ( hect) Kharif ( hect ) Area Zaid (hect) Area
1995-96 390715 206287 176213 8111
1996-97 400740 210196 182252 8187
1997-98 396688 207896 180743 7847
Principal crops

Kharif- Rice and Millets like-bajara, Jwar and Maize among the cereals and Sugarcane are important Kharif harvests in the district. of pulses,urd,moong and moth common.

Rabi- barley,which are main rabi crop,Wheat is also sown is large level.Gram,peas and Mustard are also important cereal. .

Zaid- Though vegetable  occupy small areas,but Maize and paddy is sown during zaid.

Horticulture- Artificial groves are prominent feature of landscape in almost every part of district. The groves area consist of mango , guava,papaya,banana,ber,jamun.

Floriculture- A special feature of the district is its Rose cultivation,the Rose garden being in immediate proximity to the town.The flowers are used locally for making itr and rose water.Besides of these there are some gardens of Keora here.Another characteristic product of Ghazipur is opium,which is widely produces here.In British time the government exported opium China from here.

Irrigation- In Alluvial tract,which comprises major parts of district where irrigation is not required as a rule owing to moister inherent in the soil.

In the statement given below shows the extent of area irrigated from Tubewell,Canals and other sources -

Year Canal(Hect) TubeWell (G) Tubewell (Pvt) Well(Hect) Pond(Hect) Others(Hect) Total(Hect)
1995-96 34163 16025 120045 - 78 1 170312
1996-97 45119 18735 145594 473 138 6 210065
1997-98 52969 14891 131594 336 122 - 203512


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