Administrative structure


              Ghazipur was constituted a separate district in 1818. originally the district was very big,including not only modern Ballia but also Narwan of Varanasi ,Chausa of Buxar ( Bihar) and pargana of Sagari,Ghosi,Mau and Muhammdabad in district Azamgarh.The District has five subdivisions  viz. Sadar, Saidpur, Zamania, Muhammadabad  and Jakhania each also forming a tehsil of same name Tehsil Saidpur constitutes the western subdivision of the district.Tehsil and Subdivision Ghazipur constitutes the central part, tehsil Muhammdabad forms the north eastern subdivision and extends eastward from the border of Ghazipur to boundary of Ballia. Tehsil Zamania forms the south western subdivision , The Jahkhnia subdivision , newly constructed tehsil lies in north western part of district. and 16 blocks. Ghazipur district consist of 193 Nyay Panchayats and 1046 Gram Sabhas. Their are Total 2583 inhabited villages and 781 uninhabited villages in district. In Urban sector their are 3 Nagar Paika Parishad ( Ghazipur, Muhammdabad, Zamania ) and 5 Town Areas ( Saidpur, Jangipur,Dildarnagar, Sadaat and Bahadurganj ).

             At Administrative structure , Ghazipur is divided in 5 Tehsils and 16 Developments Blocks,details are as follows.

Tehsil Development Blocks
1. Ghazipur 1. Ghazipur 2. Karanda 3. Virno 4. Mardah
2. Saidpur 1. Saidpur 2.Deokali 3. Manihari ( Partial )
3. Muhammadabad 1. Muhammdabad 2. Bhwarkol 3.Kasimabad 4. Barachawar
4. Zamania 1. Zamania 2. Bhadaura 3. Reotipur
5. Jakhnia 1. Sadat 2. Jakhnia 3.Manihari ( Partial )
        Their are total 23 Police Stations in District Ghazipur.Tehsil Ghazipur consist of 3 Police stations, Saidpur 4, Jakhnia 3 , Zamania 2 and Muhammdabad 5 , in urban area their are 7 Police Stations. There are total 210 Govt. Offices are serving by consisting of 14638 officials. Total 6811 Teachers in 1830 primary schools, 2755 Teachers in 396    Junior High Schools, 2795 Teacher in higher secondary and 332 Teachers in degree colleges are giving their contributions in districts. Their are 55 Class 1 and 391 Class 2 officers are working in district.


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