Ghazipur , that is known as Gadhipuri, Garjpuri in ancient, changed to Ghazipur in medieval, important center for British rule and it played important role in Indian National Movement.



           Ghazipur was covered with dense  forest  in Vedic  era  and  it was a place for Ashrams of Saints during  that  period. This place is  related to   the Ramayana period  where Maharshi Yamdgni, the Father of  Mahrshi Parsuram resided over here.The Famous Rishis Gautam & Chyavan were given teaching and sermon here in ancient period.    The  Lord  Buddha  who gave the first sermon in Sarnath,Varanasi which is not very far from here. The Aurihar area of Ghazipur   district  became  the  main  center  for teaching of Lord Buddha. Many stoopas  and  pillars  are  the main  evidence    of that period.  Chinese Traveller  Hiuen Tsang  had   visited  this   area  and  described  this place as Chanchu "The Land of Battle Fields" .

          This Place  was  the main center  in medieval period  from Sultanate period  to  Mughals.  In Tughalk period, Zuna Khan, alias  Muhammad   Tuglak established the Jaunpur as the capital under which  the  Ghazipur was ruled . In the regime of Zuna Khan, the Saiyyad Massod Ghazi  established this town , by  defeating he  Raja   Mandhata, the  ancestor  of  brave  King  Prithvi   Raj Chauhan. In Lodhi Period, the Naseer Khan  Nuhani was the   Administrator of Ghazipur who changed its conditions. This  Area  was   the main center during Mughal period when Babar took over the  charge of   Ghazipur and Muhammad Khan Nuhani became its administrator. In  the reign   of Akbar, the Afghan Ali Kuli Khan took over the charge of Ghazipur and developed the town Zamania. After the Death of Aurangjeb this area was  taken by  Jamindar   Mansa  Ram . Thereafter, Ghazipur came under the suzerainty of the Banaras state and Raja Balwant Singh, the Son of Mansa Ram became  the King of Ghazipur.After the attack of Warren Hastings, the then Governor General of the British rule,  this area was ruled over by various British  rulers. The Lord Cornwallis, who  was very famous for reforms in land came to visit this place and accidentally died. In his memory a beautiful tomb which  attracts  the  tourist is also present in Ghazipur City.

          This Area is  Fertile  with  Great  Freedom  fighters.  The   Hero  of Ist Freedom movement ( which  is  popularly  referred to  as Sepoy Movement ) Mangal Pandey comes from this soil only. The  Famous Nilha Sahib Revolt is Associated with this place where the Farmers  revolted   against the British & they set on fire various Indigo Godowns. The Ghazipur Plays and has played a major role in India's Freedom Struggle.

          After Independence, Ghazipur  could  not develop as it used to be  in the past. But  this  soil  gave  brave  soldiers  like  Brig. Usman,  Paramveer Chakra awarddee Veer Abdul Hameed,  Ram Urgrah  Pandey. In recent times Ghazipur showed  its  notable  bravery  in   Kargil victory against Pakistan in 1999.



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