Language and Dialect

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The common tongue of people is Bhojpuri , which is a dialect that is direct descendant of Prakit of Magagha but has no literary pretensions and like its sister languages. Bihari and Maghai- is related to eastern Bengali, Assami and oriya. It is commonly spoken in the eastern part of district Hindi being spoken by about 92.9 % of the population. The other language of any importance is Urdu, which is spoken by about 7 % of the people. This Urdu is very different from that of Lucknow or Delhi ( the well known Urdu-speaking centers ) and contains a liberal admixture of eastern Hindi. Hindustani is also spoken in the district but it is usually those persons who have gone to the district from western  Uttar Pradesh or Punjab who speak Urdu and Hindustani. Mother tongue wise population given in population section.The Devnagari script is used for Hindi and Bhojpuri and the Persian for Urdu.


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