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Men of Letters



Poet Usman- The poet Usman, one of the earliest known men of letters of this region, flourished in the 17th century and is said to have been a contemporary of Jehangir. He was a well-known saint and Sufi and was the son of Shaikh Husain. His poems appear in his famous book Chitravali, which is said to have been written in the style of famoush poet , Jayasi.

Ishwar Das- Ishawar Das is a literery figure of district, wrote many books like "Satayawati Katha, Bharat Milap,Ekadashi Katha . According to Pt. Ram Chandra Shukla his peiod of writing was 1546 to 1574.

Bula Sahab- Bula Shahab was belongs to Bavari Panth,of Bhurkura and was born in 1633.his works and Baani are having great importance in literature.His works was compiled at Brelvediaur perss , Allahabad as " Bula Sahab ka Shabdsaar"

Shiv Narayan- The district is proud of having produced the great literary figure , Shiv Narain, who belong to 18th centuray. He wrote about twelve booksand among them Lal Grantha, Santavilasa, Santachari,Santapdesh are most famous.

Kamleshwar- Kamleshwar Kayastha , who belong to the later half of 19th century , is also remembered  as the one of the literary figure of the district. He is famous for his work Satya Narayana. He died in 1911.

Ram Charit Upadhyay- a great scholor of Sanskrit and Hindi , is also a renowned   figure of the district of the district where he was born in 1872. He wrote many books among which is Ram Charit Chntamani.

Gopal Ram Gahmari- Born in 1856 in Village Gahmar was a famous detective novel writer of the district. He also wrote other types of novel Chatura Chanchla, Madhvi, Kankara, Bhanumati etc.

Rameshwar Dayal- who was born in 1857 is famous for his book Chitragupt Charitra. he belong to Village Saraiya and died in 1899.

In Modern period there are some importent personalities of the distrcits are Dr. Rahi Masoom Raja, Acharya Kuber Nath Rai,Shri Krishna Rai "Hridayesh",Dr. Bhola Nath Ghahmari, Dr. Viveki Rai and Dr. Jitendra Nath Pathak etc.

Dr. Rahi Masoom Raja- was born in 1 sept. 1927 at Village - Gangauli.His earlier education was done in Ghazipur later he went to Aligarh Muslim University and got Ph.D . Bombay was his man centre, where he joined the films.He had been written in Shama ( Urdu ),Sarika and Ganga Magagine.He got is doctorate on "Tallasum Hosh-o-ruba". Naya Saal(1952),Maujegul-Tauje Gul (1954",Ajanabi Shahar -Ajnabi Raaste (1967} are the famous work of Dr. Raja.He is famous for Adha Gaon and Neem Ka Per. He wrote the dialouge of famous serial "Maha Bharata". He wrote the dialoguge of  many films like Damaad, Ek Hi Bhool,Main tulsi tere Agan ki, Vidaai etc. He died in 15th March 1992.

Acharya Kuber Nath Rai- was born on 26 March 1933 at Village-Matsa Ghazipur.He got his education from Banaras Hindu University and Calcutta University.From 1958 to 1986 he was in Nalbari College Assam as a Lecturer. From 1986 to 1995 he was in Swami Sahajanand PG College Ghazipur as a principal. He got the Moortidevi Award From Bharatiya Jnanpith and many awards from UP,WB, and ASSAM  Government.

Shri Kuber Nath Rai is one of the writers who dedicated themselves entirely to the form of essay-writing. His collections of essays Gandha Madan, Priya neel-kanti, Ras Aakhetak, Vishad Yog, Nishad Bansuri, Parna mukut have enormously enriched the form of essays.A scholar of Indian culture and western literature, he was proud of Indian heritage.His love for natural beauty and Indian folk literatures and preference for agricultural society over the age of machines, his romantic outlook, aesthetic sensibility, his keen eye on contemporary reality and classical style place him very high among contemporary essayists in Hindi. He died in 5th June,1996.

Shi Krishna Rai ,Hridayesh- He belong to Kathaut village.His works are Yuwak Se,Himanshu,Path Deep,Satyasatya, Ganga mughe pukare,Maha Prakash ect.

Dr. Bhola Nath Tiwari- was belongs to Aaripur.His famous works are Dhadhakti Jwala,He Baapu, Bhasha Vigyan Kosh ect.

Dr. Viveki Rai-He belogs to Sonawani is famous literary figure of hindi literature. He have publish more than 1500 articles in different magagine. he got prestigious Prem Chandra Award on his work Sona Maati.

Dr. Jitendra Nath Pathak- belongs to Saidpur. More than 12 books on differnt aspects have been published.

The other mans of letters are Chandradev "Nihshesh",Dr. Shiv Mangal Rai,Parmanand Sharma,Dr. Mandhata Rai,Banarasi Prasad Dwivedi,Ram Vriksh Rai, Amar Nah Srivastav.


Ali Abbas Hussaini- his work "Pajmurda Kaliyan"  published in 1917 .

Aleem Ahmad Kaleem published the Poetry collection "Aatishe Kaleem" beside those the Rajendra Prashad,Nadir Ali Bartar,Saiyad Ahmad Hashmi, Jaheer Ghazipuri are the fomous in urdu literature.

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