The Personalities of Ghazipur in fields of Religion


The Ghazipur was the main centre for its philosiphical glory. This place was get benefited by Maharshi Zamadagni ( Zamania), Maharishi Chawan ( Chanani) , Deval Rishi ( Deval ), Markandey Rishi ( Near Aurihar ) , Bhagwan Shuka (Near Ghazipur ), Bhagwan Parsuram ( Harpur ), etc. This place was blessed by Lord Buddha by his sermon. the list of some saints is given below.

1. Saints of Bhurkuda- Bawari Sahiba , Bula Sahab, Bhikha Sahab and Palu Saheb & their deciples have been the source of Saint tradition. They have been of nirgun sect of satnami tradition. At Bhurkuda there are two Mathas- Bhurkura & Hathiyaram these have been the seat of Saint tradition.

2. Avadhoot Saints - Avadhoot saints have also picked up Ghazipur as a place of their preaching & Sadhana. Among these noted Saints have been those of  the line of great Saints Baba Keenaram.At present there are many centres of this sect such as at Dildarnagar Girnar Ashram ( Avadhoot Singh Shavak Ram Ji), at Ghazipur in Posta Ghat Area there is also an important centre of this sect.

3. Saint Pawahari Baba - In the 19th century near Ghazipur city in a village named Kurtha this saint made his centre of Sadhana whose achievement and reputation attracted Sawami Viveka Nand who on the inspiration of his Guru Sawami Ram Krishan Param Hans came to him.

4. Sufi Matawalambi Saints- Many Muslim Fakirs laiden with Sufi Mat had been pride of this district among whom near Saidpur in a village Belahri there was Gudar Sain & at Nandganj near the village Dharwan Soharab Baba have been the saints who command reverence of people. 

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