Ghazipur district forms the eastern part of the Varanasi Division . It lies to the east and north of the Jaunpur and Varansai district respectively between the parallels of 25° 19′ and 25° 54′ north latitude and 83° 4′ and 83° 58′ east longitude. This location is 67.50 Mt. above the sea level. The length of district from East to West is 90 Km. and Width from North to South is 64 Km. The River Ganges from one side and Karmnasa from other side divided it from Bihar State. It is bounded on Ballia and Bihar State in east, Jaunpur, Varansi and Azamgarh in west , Mau and Ballia in north and the Chandauli in south .The boundaries are generally conventional though at places they are marked by natural feature.

The Ghazipur garlanded by Ganga , Karmnasa and Gomti ,that makes this locality stronger in economic and geographic condition. The total geographic area of this district is 3384 Sq. Km. Ghazipur is embellished with picturesque geographical environs.This Place is a part of Mid gangetic plain. Total area is aprox. 3,33,209 Hectare in which 2,52,824 Hectare is for Agriculture purpose. Appox 38 % of soil is cattlefield. This district does not contains any forest area.

Demographic Label Value
Area 3377 sq km
Division Varanasi
No. of Tehsil 7
No. of Blocks 16
No. of Gram Panchayats 1237
No. of Villages 1681
No. of Assembly Constituency 7
No. of Parliamentary Constituency 2
Population 36,20,000(2011)