Ghazipur is a beautiful city situated at the bank of the Rivers Ganga. The city draws attention of pilgrims and heritage lovers from all over the world as it opens the traveller to a world of mythological and spiritual wonders. Ghazipur is a fusion of sanctity, religion, traditions, history and architecture which offers varied experiences from historical to religious. Ghazipur is one of the destinations which known as Lahuri Kashi. Ghazipur has also played a leading role in development of Hindi and Urdu literature. The city has been described in ancient scriptures as ‘Lahuri Kashi’, the holiest pilgrimage centre and this is indeed a perfect place to have a soulful escape. There is also situated The Toumb of Lord Coarnvalis and in Saidpur Bhitari Vijay Stambh of Samrat Sakand Gupt.