Folk Music

As the Ghazipur is attached with Bihar state hence the culture of both state is seen in music & dances. The Birha,a Chaiti, Sohar is very famous. Ghazipur gives many Singer of International repute in Birhaa. The Dhobia and Poorbi Nautanki of this area is very famous folk Dances of this district. when accompanied by enchanting music generated by Harmonium,Tabla,Dhol, Majeera, Nagara,Jhanjh and Kartal at a magic spell on spectator.Ghazipur is also the mother land of Pt. Ravi Shankar of Sitar and Pt. Udayshankar ,Dancer of international repute. Among the communal dances the Phari or Pharia is organiged with the beating of Nagara at the time of marriages still popular.during the rainy season ,the battle song of Alha are sung by professional singers of Nut community.Dhobia dance is common among the Washerman community and this district produces some dancer of national repute. Among the rural folk telling of stories and legends and singing are common.Performances like Nataks and Nautanki,Bhajan mandalies,recitation from Ramayana and the Bhagwat Kathas(religious stories) and Mushairas and Kavi sammelans etc. organiged by various units are also arranged.