Ghazipur was constituted a separate district in 1818. originally the district was very big,including not only modern Ballia but also Narwan of Varanasi ,Chausa of Buxar ( Bihar) and pargana of Sagari, Ghosi, Mau and Muhammdabad in district Azamgarh. Their are Total 2583 inhabited villages and 781 uninhabited villages in district. In Urban sector their are 3 Nagar Paika Parishad ( Ghazipur, Muhammdabad, Zamania ) and 5 Town Areas ( Saidpur, Jangipur,Dildarnagar, Sadaat and Bahadurganj ).

S No Tehsil Name
1 Ghazipur
2 Saidpur
3 Muhammdabad
4 Zamania
5 Jakhnia
6 Kasimabad
7 Sevrai