In today’s electronic era, we are also trying to reach out to the electorate by electronically. Even after the announcement of Lok Sabha General Election 2014, through the electronic medium of BLL, the citizen of Gazipur can also make online application on the prescribed format-6 to add his name to the Voter List. The prescribed format form-6 is available on the same portal. The phone number of our control room is 0548-2220211 and the e-mail address is adeo-gaz[at]nic[dot]in. For the purpose of facilitating the voters, voters registration centers (VRCs) are installed as control rooms in the Tahsils of the district. Whose phone numbers and e-mails are as follows.

Mail Id Phone Number
vrc373jakhanian[at]gmail[dot]com 05495-235900
vrc374saidpur[at]gmail[dot]com 05495-222102
vrc375ghazipur[at]gmail[dot]com 0548-2220326
vrc376jangipur[at]gmail[dot]com 0548-2220326
vrc377zahoorabad[at]gmail[dot]com 05493-242006
vrc378mohammadabad[at]gmail[dot]com 05493-242006
vrc379zamania[at]gmail[dot]com 05497-252074

The link between the Election Commission of India and the Chief Electoral Officer, Uttar Pradesh Lucknow is also available from the portal of the District Election Officer. From which you can get the information.

  1. We have published alphabetically prepared voter lists on each booth in Ghazipur. On 09-03-2014, we made the final voter list boothwash paste on every booth. Form-6 supplied. Voters have voted for voting day. To bring a rally of the children / girls so that the parents of the children, neighbors must vote on 12th May 2014 to make their work meaningful. If you have Epic Card (Voter ID), then see tollfree SMS on 9212357123 whether your name is in the voters list or not. For example, send 9212357123 space Ipic number. If there is no name in voter list then online or bbl. Fill form-6 through You will be able to vote on 12th May 2014 only if voter list is named.

  2. All the citizens of Ghazipur, NGOs, colleges of all colleges / colleges, print media and electronic media are selective. In determining overall voters for using voting in the polling day dated May 12, 2014 for Lok Sabha General Election 2014. Provide our support, so that all the age groups of Ghajipur, all the voters of every section of society, India For a strong, effective, fair, peaceful poll, you can register your cent percent presence and participation.

  3. The voters of Ghazipur at the upcoming great festival of Indian democracy are also themselves motivated to use the voting day of 12 May 2014 for the Lok Sabha elections 2014 to motivate their neighbors, their relatives, every constituency of the society. We will make every effort to do so, that is our faith.

Jai Voter                      Jai Democracy                                    Jai India


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