Bhitari (Saidpur)

Bhitari is situated about 32 Km. form Ghazipur near Saidpur town. The name Bhitari is popularly derived from Bhimutri. The Bhitari is archaeologically very important. It is a place of Great antiquity & contains many remains of great archaeological value. It is probable that Bhitari was at one time in hands of Buddhist but it is probably attained its chief importance during Gupta Era. The most noticeable relic of that Epoch is the famous monolith of red sandstone standing in the fort enclosure on the block of ruff stone. It has a bell shaped capital about a meter high like those of some Akhoka pillars.On it there is an inscription referring to the reign of Skanda Gupta and his succession to Kumar Gupta. The latter name occurs on several large brick that was excavated at the foot of the pillar in 1885 an oval silver plate bearing incription of Kumar Gupta, was found in the adjacent ruins. apart from the pillar the most valuable yields have been a seal and coins giving the Genealogy of nine generations of Gupta kings.The Bhitari was probable one of the royal residences and the influence of Gupta Kings on the area.

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How to Reach:

By Air

Nearest airport is Lal Bahadur Shastri Airport located at Babatpur, Varanasi, Approx. 40 Kms from the location.

By Train

Nearest railway station is at Aunrihar Jn

By Road

It is well connected with National Highway NH-29, Varanasi Ghazipur Road